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Lily.'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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new layout. [Monday]
[ mood | cheerful ]

ok so I got a new layout to try and start with LJ again.
I don't think I did it right. lol
Oh well.

Anyways I'm back!!

3 ; im so into you

for my pancake... [Wednesday]
Sandra is beautiful.
3 ; im so into you

[ mood | awake ]


A little late I know.
I can't sleep.


Spring Break is finally here! yesss...

Today I wen to the beach with Diana, Marichu and Ily.
It was fun.

At night I went to the movies with Karina and Robert to see The Ring 2.
Marcos and Demis sat with us too.
I wasn't that scared in the movie cause Demis kept on making jokes...it was funny.
But now at home...im kind of shitting in my pants.
Diana fell asleep and I had been talking with Robert online from 2 til like now.

Now I'm alone =/

I'm not sleepy at all.

Well let's see what I'll do now. -sigh-


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quick update [Saturday]

Friday: Spring Festival... It went great. Had lots of fun! Got in a paint fight =/

Saturday: Beach with Diana and Ily.
At night Henry's party with Ily and Karina.
Wasn't bad enough to say it was bad. lol
I had fun.

Today: probably bowling.

Gotta go.

Laterrr <3
into you

[ mood | sick ]


Long time.
Like always.

Let me start off with a HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO ME & LISSETTE!
woop woop!

I've been pretty sick lately.
Right now I'm sniffing away.

You know when you have so many boogers that like your forehead hurts?
Well yea that's how I feel.

Today was blah.

Yesterday i went shopping with Diana @ Aventura and Broward.
She bought me lots of pretty stuff. =)

Saturday I felt horrible and didn't really do anything exciting.

Friday went to the baseball game.. HML vs. Hialeah.
We lost. =(
It was fun though so whateverrr.

Thursday was the FEA Induction Ceremony... how cute.
We are all now officially members of FEA. <3

Well that's about it... I really have to go blow my nose. lol

Pictures soon!
I'll start updating more often... promise!


3 ; im so into you

1 ; im so into you

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